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We have been providing proven products and solutions to architects, engineers, and contractors throughout the Southwest for over twenty years. We combine many years of experience in the construction industry with products and services from the leading manufacturers. Please contact us for more information.

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Mountain West is your source for skylights for your next commercial project.


Concrete Sealer

Ashford Formula has been the leading concrete sealer for more than fifty years. It can be used as a curing agent, but it also hardens, seals, and dustproofs your concrete floor. Due to the process by which Ashford Formula reacts with the concrete, floors treated Ashford Formula only look better over time.

Concrete Polishing System

Retroplate can turn porous, untreated concrete floors into amazingly abrasion resistant, highly polished floors that, far from being just a floor, become an architectural element. A combination of polishing and the Retroplate chemical produces a floor that is permanently strengthened and impact resistant, dustproof, and reflective.

Expansion Joints

Aesthetics, innovation and durability are the hallmark of MM's line of floor, wall, ceiling and roof joint cover systems. Engineered systems include features that are ADA compliant, fire-rated, no-bump and heavy-load designs capable of thermal, seismic and wind-sway movement.

Waterproofing Solutions

We provide a complete selection of waterproofing products that prevent, air, vapor, water, and moisture penetration into the building envelope in commercial and residential applications. Contact us for help in specifying the correct waterproofing system for this crucial aspect of your project.

Access Doors

Built to the highest standard, Bilco has been providing the building industry with roof access hatches, automatic fire vents, and floor, vault, and sidewalk doors since 1926. Mountain West Sales is Bilco's manufacturer representative in Albuquerque.


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