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Geo Products to help control potential erosion

Mountain West Sales is New Mexico's locally owned source for the most complete range of erosion control and geotechnical products for every project, including commercial, residential, bridges, stormwater retention, detention, and management, erosion control, and waterproofing. Allow us to put our twenty years of experience in providing innovative geotechnical solutions to work for your project.

STOP Soil Loss

with Erosion Control Solutions from Mountain West Sales

Mountain West Sales has a number of solutions for preventing soil loss and erosion.


Terra Aqua

Modular Water Containment


Below-ground Water Storage

Containment Solutions

Non-woven and Woven Geotextiles, Paving Fabrics, Geogrid Reinforcement

Tencate Mirafi

SWPPP / Erosion Control

Greenfix America

Western Excelsior

Earth Saver

Sediment Control Solutions

Dandy Products

Trench Drain


Cellular Confinement, Porous Paving

Presto Geosystems

Waterproofing Solutions


Silt Fence, Straw Bales, Tackifier, Hydromulch

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TenCate Mirafi® RS580i Demonstration Video