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Storage Tank Solutions

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For all of your underground storage needs, Mountain West Sales has a wide selection of solutions.

For all of your underground storage needs, Mountain West Sales has a wide selection of solutions.


Modular Containment

Modular water containment enables you to create water management solutions in areas in which a traditional cistern tank is not feasible. Because the system is modular, the system can be designed for very small or extremely large capacities. The applications are numerous.


When it comes to storing water, wastewater, or waste, we have it covered. Our tanks are perfect for agricultural or industrial uses, rainwater harvesting, and potable water storage. We offer above and below ground water tanks (potable and non-potable), cistern tanks, and septic tanks from 50 gallons to 50,000 gallons in plastic and fiberglass. Our water tanks can be hauled on trailers or placed in permanent locations. If your well has gone dry, or you just want to collect rainwater from your roof to supplement your irrigation needs, we can help. We have helped many customers find solutions to their water problems over the years, from small residential projects to very large commercial projects. Please give us a call or email us your questions.


Below-ground fiberglass storage tanks are ideal for a host of storage requirements, from water to septic, and from large to small (up to 70,000 gallons). Fiberglass reinforced plastic is extremely durable and will not corrode, rust or decay, giving you years of trouble-free service. We can also provide potable water storage. Allow us to customize a tank that meets your site-specific needs.

Containment Solutions


Our polyethylene water storage tanks are made for above and below ground applications. Our customers use these tanks for water hauling, on-site storage of rainwater for irrigation or other purposes, or for drinking water. With a huge selection of shapes and capacities, we are sure to have the solution that will work for you.